Tuesday, February 24, 2009

OK, I will

I'm sitting here shocked. Michael and I have both been sick for the last few days. He's on the mend, I'm not doing as well. Steve was upstairs checking on some things that he needs to do before going to a meeting tonight when his dinner 'dinged'.

I asked Michael (who is feeling well enough to be sent on errands) to go upstairs and tell him his dinner is ready. Immediate answer "OK, I will" and off he went. He delivered the exact message I asked.

I've never seen such cooperation as we have the last few days. Could it be the fever? Is it that he's on his second week of enhansa? We haven't had any side effects from the enhansa (unless they've been covered up by the cold), but wow. I'm speechless, and it's not just my lack of a voice!

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Me said...

OMG you're stories are beautiful!