Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sorry for the Hiatus...

It's been a really, really rough month around here. We had Michael's IEP earlier this week, and a couple appts with a developmental optomotrist. The DO was finally able to identify a problem that we've suspected for several years (Michael just would't cooperate with prior exams) but doesn't think that he's ready for vision therapy to help correct it. Grrr. I know he's right since Michael barely participated in the exam, but it's still frustrating!

Anyway, Michael has convergence insufficiency, which means that his eyes don't work well together, and it makes close work extremely difficult for him. No wonder he doesn't write well, like to read books anymore, and hates working on worksheets at school. So many problems that we thought were behavioral can be tied back to the CI. Now, I don't know how much is the vision problem and how much truly is behavioral, but it's a huge clue.

Once the county has a chance to review the report and suggested accommodations, we'll have to go back for yet another IEP meeting to discuss how to change the IEP to include the new information. It shouldn't be that big of a deal, but it's yet another meeting.

Anyway, we have seen a lot of good things this month. Michael's language is getting more fluent, he's making all sorts of wonderful connections and is just generally sweet and lovable. Of course he's had his moments, but when I look back on the month, the good ones stand out the most.

I have two other posts in mind for today, so I'll be making up for lost time! But, right now Michael and Steve are busy making fudge, so I have some time to write.

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