Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Treat the child not the numbers!!

OK, I hear that phrase a lot from biomedical doctors. It always seemed fairly obvious to me. Until yesterday. Michael had his 8 year old check up with his regular pediatrician. He weighed in at 56.6 lbs and 50 3/4 inches. (49th and 55th percentiles according to my math) I'm guessing that the nurse charted him incorrectly because the doctor was all concerned that his weight jumped to the 65th percentile.

We are talking about a child who has always been underweight. You can still see his ribs when he breathes in. I asked the doctor how we could possibly need to watch his weight when he is so obviously skinny. She said that obesity is a big problem and that doctors have to watch children carefully. I was absolutely floored. (Did I mention those ribs???) So, I came home and did my own math and felt better that he didn't suddenly jump several percentiles, but really question how such a smart professional can be so blind!

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