Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fruit picking

We went on a playdate yesterday with a friend of Michael's from school and his family. It was really nice and I think the kids had fun. The parents had a lot of fun too since we went apple and berry picking. (OK, maybe Steve didn't have as much fun since he ended up carting Michael around in a wheelbarrow.)

I was suprised that Michael seemed to enjoy picking the apples and promised that if I made a pie he would eat it. I didn't really believe him but I made the pie anyway.

So, we made our very first gluten/casein/soy/egg free apple pie. I was shocked that it actually browned, since so many of our creations come out of the oven looking the same that they went in. It was really funny because Michael was nagging all afternoon about when the pie would be ready and when he could eat it.

So, after much fussing, we cut into the pie and Michael had his first taste of apple pie. He's not neglected, he just never wanted to try before! He wasn't all that impressed and I ened up finishing his piece. The filling was pretty good but the crust still needs work. If I ever get it right, I'll let you know.

Of course, today's challenge is to make a peach/blackberry crisp. I have much more hope for that one!

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