Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Linco!!!

Cinco de Linco is a fabulous idea that was created by Jeanne from Charlie in Wonderland. It's a challenge to make $5 loans to Lend for Health on the 5th of every month. So, do you have five dollars to lend to a child who needs help affording biomedical treatments?

To steal shamelessly from Jeanne's blog:

"So, here’s the bottom line: The kids on need your help. They need you to read their stories and chip-in $5 loans, or more if you’re feeling ├╝ber generous. There are currently 4 open loans on Lend4Health, 4 loans for 5 kids. These kids need your help, your $5 loans!

For the past year plus, L4H has been facilitating loans for individuals on the autism spectrum to help their parents pay for costly treatments that are not covered by insurance. These loans are changing the lives of these children. The loans give the children a chance for a better life, a better quality of life, happiness, and better health.

You know how easy it is to loan a friend a few bucks for a coffee, for a beer, or for lunch right? Well, it’s just as easy to loan a few bucks to a child in need. Just visit Read the stories of the kids with open loans. Choose one, two, or all of the kids and make your loans. It’s that easy.

I can tell you from my own personal experience, it feels damn good to help these kids. It feels good and right. It is good and right. It’s hard to believe a few dollars could change a person’s life; but it’s true. Your $5, plus my $5, plus her $5, plus their $5, plus a bunch of other $5 equals a better life for these kids.

Please visit TODAY and make your Cinco De Linco loans. Make sure you designate your loan as CDL, that way we can keep track of how many kids we are helping. You can do this on the PayPal page where you review your payment. Just under the description you’ll see “Add special instructions to merchant” – click there. A box will pop up where you can type in a message designating your contribution as a “Cinco De Linco Loan” – or “Happy Cinco De Linco Day!” – whatever you want, as long as you include the words, “Cinco De Linco.” "

Lend for Health

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