Saturday, August 29, 2009

Walking on Air!

I am walking about six inches above the ground today. We went to the open house at Michael's new school yesterday afternoon. It was so wonderful to see a whole school dedicated to students with special needs, where everyone was really focused on bringing out the best in each child. Michael has been smiling each time he talks about school starting on Monday. Such a change from last year!

The classroom he is in only has five boys right now, although it can go up to nine. There is one teacher and two assistant teachers. Plus, two of the boys have dedicated one-on-one support. So, there are five adults in the room almost all the time, with OT, PT, and Speech therapists, a behaviorist, and social worker coming in and out to work with the kids.

But, the very best part is how well all the teachers and staff understand Michael already. At one point, Michael was getting a little agitated, and I pointed out how the pitch of his voice rose when he was upset. The teacher had already noticed. Such a change from others who have worked with him and escalated the agitation because they couldn't recognize it until Michael became physical. I really have a great feeling about this school year!

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