Monday, August 17, 2009

Our first 'good' haircut!!!

Michael has always hated having his hair cut. I know there are a lot of sensory issues involved, in addition to having to trust a stranger with sharp objects. I definitely can't blame him for hating it.

We have always taken him to the same place for his haircuts, so he knows them and they know him. They know not to use clippers, and to be slow and quiet. They always let Michael sit on Steve's lap so he can hold him still and try to keep him calm.

This time was totally different. Michael sat in the chair by himself. He didn't scream, squirm, or cry. He actually talked with the stylist while she was cutting his hair!!!! Steve could barely keep his jaw off the floor, and even the stylists noticed the difference.

The only thing we've added since his last haircut is HANDLE. It is a wonderful set of activities that make all the sense in the world, once you think about it. The whole process is so gentle and easy, it's hard to believe it can make such a difference. Looking at my smiling child with a great haircut has reinforced my belief!

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