Thursday, October 29, 2009

First two missing teeth!!!!!

Michael lost BOTH his bottom baby teeth today!! The school nurse called to tell me. And, they sent him home with two little tooth necklaces (taped shut), one for each tooth. What kind of school pays so much attention to details to have this on hand!!! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE his school????

And, how fitting is it that my super achiever doesn't lose one first tooth like everyone else... he has to do 'both at the same time' as he is so fond of saying?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

More love for the wii!!

One of the things that frustrates us with playdates is that Michael really doesn't like to play board games, or pretty much any 'regular' game. But, the last couple days he has been playing Mario Party 8 with me and Steve. He has played it before, but always insisted on playing by himself. Now, he is playing with us, taking turns nicely, and really being a great sport. So, now we just need to see if this new skill can translate to a playdate!

It is so nice to be able to do 'typical' things with him and just have a great time. Of course, since I know what a hard time some spectrum kids have with empathy and winning/losing, I am just bursting with pride that he is handling the game so well. Yeah Michael!!!!

Pictures from Bounce U!

I finally edited some of the pictures from Bounce U. Now, I'll see if I can post them. I am still in awe of how well my little guy can climb, balance, and even throw overhand! This from a kid who refused to jump over a line drawn on the floor just a couple years ago!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thank you Bounce U!!!!

On Monday night there was a special needs night at the Clarksburg Bounce U. We signed Michael up not knowing what to expect. He is really freaked out by lots of noise and the unexpected so we were a little nervous.

When Steve and Michael got there, there were only two other children there. The three of them had the whole place to themselves!! Michael was climbing things I NEVER thought he'd be able to climb, throwing a ball overhand at targets, and generally having an awesome time.

One of the best parts was a huge round climber where he had to use his arms to pull/push himself up through a mesh to get to the next level. It took him a while to figure it out, but he did it, and Steve got a huge "TADA" when he got to the top. I don't think I've ever seen Michael looking so happy and proud of himself.

Steve took so many pictures and video it feels like was there with them. I am a little nervous that there were so few kids.. I really want them to do another special needs night so that kids like Michael who would normally be too intimidated get a chance to find out how fun it is. So, if you are local, I'll definitely be posting when the next one is announced. Definitely an event not to be missed!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sometimes you have to smile...

I've been trying really hard to get back into an exercise routine. I have been using the wii fit for yoga the last week or so, but haven't been very impressed with the cardio and strength pieces. So, yesterday I started with EA Sports Active. Let's just say that it really, really kicked my butt yesterday, and more so today.

I was sitting on the couch after today's workout feeling really silly for not filling my water glass before the workout. Then, Michael came bounding into the room full of energy and happiness. (Have I mentioned how much I love Enhansa, and Cranio, and HANDLE???) He filled my water glass 4 times for me! Each time he wanted to take a sip and then laughed while I downed the rest of the glass. He thought it was the funniest game, and I thought he was the best son in the universe. Not bad, huh?

Is Autism Associated with A Viral Infection?

This is a fascinating article from David Kirby. It sounds like the science is strong, and well-respected. I hope to hear more about it, and soon!

Things with us are really, really good. It's nice to be living mostly calm for a little while. Not quite sure what to make of it, but boy am I happy! Hopefully I will be able to post some good things soon, as soon as my work crisis calms a little. (Wouldn't it be nice to be calm at home and work at the same time???)

Monday, October 5, 2009

If it sounds too goo to be true....

I'd been looking at these pans with great longing... what girl wouldn't want diamond coated pans? But thanks to this report, I no longer have any thoughts at all about cheating on my stainless steel. I do believe that it's pretty sneaky to declare them teflon-free based on a trade mark. Oh well, back to the stove!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's official.. 1 in 100, or 1 in 58 boys have an ASD

This article from Age of Autism talks about how the CDC chose to make this announcement late on a Friday afternoon and is still not alarmed by the constantly rising autism numbers. Will they become alarmed before it's one in twenty boys???