Wednesday, April 27, 2011

LDN and mB12

We started Michael on LDN right around the first of the year. Then, mid-March, we started mb12 shots. The changes we've seen in him since combining the two are amazing. His communication skills have really improved; in the complexity of language, but also in his understanding of conversation.

Even better than the language gains are the changes in behavior. He's so much more flexible than he ever has been. He understands that plans change, sometimes without anything we can do about it. He participated in one song at his school's spring concert (before he couldn't be in the room at all). He is enjoying playing with peers and talking on the phone. Some days I look at this sweet, flexible kid and wonder where he came from.

It's one thing for me to see the changes. I'm his Mom and will always pick out the best. But, we've gotten unsolicated comments from school about how he's more interactive and sociabile. He has had ONE 'incident' at school since he started the mB12. Prior to that, we were hearing from an administrator or behaviorist several times a week. It's almost like they've lost our number!

Even though there are a lot of 'big' changes, the ones that mean the most to me are small, day-to-day things. I was actually able to walk to the grocery store with Michael, buy what we needed, and walk back home. All without any fussing. Before, there would have been mandatory time staring at the doors open and close. We would have had to walk up and down all the aisles. There would be a melt-down where we had to abandon the cart and leave. I can't describe how liberating it was to do something so simple.

Not every day is perfect, but every day is slightly better than the one before. And, I can't ask for anything more than that!