Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why Questions and a Free Chess Game!

Michael has finally started asking "WHY" questions! I know that this can be the beginning of a lot of very difficult/annoying questions, but I am so excited!! It took him forever to start asking any questions, and now we've gotten 3 why questions!

Why can't I?
Why do you like reading?
Why are opposites bad? (They're not until you get them as an answer whenever he's in a bad mood)

I can't tell you how many nights I've worried about when he would start to ask these questions, and now he finally is. I am so excited!!!!!!

And, if your kid is into Chess, today's game giveaway is GrandMaster Chess. I'm not much of a chess player, but I know a lot of our kids are. And, free is good, right?


Unknown said...

Congratulations!!!! Here's to "why" questions until you can't stand it anymore :)

Here's where Salamander was atypical (from the ASD perspective). He always asked WHY questions, he would ask the SAME WHY question over and over and over again (and never really seemed to listen to the answer - until I figured out that my answers didn't mean anything to him).

We still struggle with the difference between WHAT and WHERE questions...

Renee said...

Thanks! We are going through a huge amount of stress right now that I just can't post to the blog. I'm so happy to see that we're keeping most of it from Michael - at least enough that he's making progress. I just wish I could keep it all totally from him, but that's just not possible. Then again, I guess that's life. Everyone's parents go neurotic from time to time, right?

Petra said...

You know what? It's OK for our kids to see that we worry. Granted, it's harder to explain to them why and it's harder to not have our anxiety feed theirs.

Is Michael to a point that you can explain feelings to him?

When I get overwhelmed by stuff I will say to my boys: "Mom is having a bad day. I am worried/afraid/sad/upset/frustratedabout grown-up problems. And I am spending a lot of time thinking about those problems. And it makes me cranky, and tired, and grouchy. How I am feeling has nothing to do with you - I love you as much as before I got cranky. And please tell me if I get all mean to you two, because that is not fair. Say to me: "Mom, you are being mean." and I will change what I am doing."

Hang in there..

Nicole Pond said...

Hi Renee! So great to see the Why? progress :)

Hugs all around, from Ruby too!!!

Renee said...

Coli!!!! It's so great to see you!!! I was just thinking about you and Ruby, and here you are! I hope everything is going well with you. Thank you so much for stopping by!!!