Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm In Love with Enhansa!

I never thought I’d be in love with a bright orange capsule – but I am, and it’s the real thing! We have had Michael on Enhansa for well over a month now, and have seen incredible results. But, let me start with a little background information.

Michael has been battling systemic yeast his whole life. We’ve tried Yeast Aid, Diflucan, Ketokenazole, you name it. Each would help for a little while, and then the yeast would come back in force. I had researched the anti-candida diets, but just couldn’t do it. Michael is so skinny to start with; I just couldn’t take away any more carbs.

This calendar year we started off with the Diflucan and then switched to the Ketokenazole. Toward the end of the second prescription, the yeast was under control but I was terrified of what would happen when we stopped taking the medicine. Plus, I was afraid of what damage taking such strong antifungals could cause long term.

I had heard really good things about Enhansa, and was perfectly primed to try it. So, when we started, the yeast was mostly under control, but still there. We started Michael with one 75mg capsule in the morning for a week. We added one capsule a week until we are now at 2 in the morning and 2 at night, for a total dose of 600mg a day.

It’s like we have a whole new child. He was doing great when we started, but his social interaction is really taking off, and his OCD is much better. Right now he and Steve are playing Mario Kart on the wii. They are talking back and forth about the game, strategies for doing better, and unlocking levels. It’s so nice to hear a back and forth conversation that is related to what they are doing together! Add in that he’s sharing and taking turns, and I’m completely over the moon.

Spring is staring and Michael has been asking to go to the park. Last year, he would go on a lot of the equipment, but shied away from a lot of the more challenging tasks. This year, he is doing absolutely everything. He’s still a little intimidated by walking over a mesh bridge that is at least 20 feet off the ground, but he does it. He’s still a little more cautious that most of the other kids, but he’s catching up fast. It’s so wonderful to see.

Even better, he’s starting to interact with some of the younger kids. He generally feels comfortable with children about 2 years younger than him – they tend to be quieter and move a little slower. He’s played on the teeter-totter a few times, and shared some of the equipment that requires sharing. It’s so awesome to watch.

The very best result by far though is that Michael is a much happier child. He smiles more, and laughs a genuine laugh. I was so used to the hyper yeast laugh (other parents of yeasty kids know what I’m talking about) that it was a surprise to hear a genuine, happy laugh. I think he’s feeling better overall, and is less bothered by what’s left of the OCD.

I’m tempted to bump him up one more capsule to 750mg a day, but we haven’t decided yet. For now, we’re holding steady at 600 and seeing a happy, connected child. What more could I ask ?

I do have one footnote to add. Through all of this we’ve been seeing an absolute angel of a CranioSacral therapist. She has worked wonders with Michael both before and during our Enhansa experience. So, I can’t say for sure what is due entirely to the Enhansa, and what to the CranioSacral. I tend the think the two work synergistically, so it’s not a very big footnote.


Chrissy said...

We started Enhansa about the same time you did. It is my favorite supplement by far...the results are amazing! I'm glad to hear that you are seeing the same thing. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a victim of wishful thinking...but, you've helped validate my thoughts on it. Thank you!

Renee said...

I'm so glad you're getting similar results! And yes, I know all about wishful thinking and wondering if the results are real. But Michael had fun at a birthday party yesterday -- it doesn't get more real than that!

Ellie said...

I'm considering this supplement now so I'm in research mode.

Is this a yeast treatment only - and shouldn't be taken once yeast is under control? Or are you going to use this as a daily supplement to keep things balanced?


Unknown said...


How old is Michael? My three years old baby boy is autistic and totally non verbal although he comprehends every command and action you ask him to do. Do you think enhansa is for him?


x said...

We started enhansa a few days ago, in powder form (75mg per day for the first 2 days, then up to 150mg total for the past few days), with our 28 month old. He started smiling for the camera again yesterday (and repeated today twice). Maybe it's wishful thinking, coincidence or any other number of things, but since a day after he started it he has been more talkative, interactive, compliant and the the first smiles for a year at the camera are wonderful. I'll take it!

Renee said...

I really love enhansa! I can't see how it can hurt anyone. However, if you have really bad yeast, the die off can be terrible. So, defnitely go low and slow.

We are keeping Michael on enhansa indefinitely to keep the yeast from coming back. Of all the terrible things with autism, yeast is the one that keeps me up at night worrying.

I think that we are still seeing incredible benefits from the enhansa, even after using it for so many months because his gut is finally able to heal without all the yeast keeping it hurt. So, we are seeing a much happier, connected little boy.

Sarah, definitely take every positive you can get. The best thing about starting so young is that the damage hasn't set in that long. You can see results so much faster with the little ones. My guy is seven now. We've been doing biomed since he was 2 1/2, but there are just so many more things out there now than there were then.

Congrats to you all for starting biomed so early!

Brandon Jack said...

My 3 year old daughter has mild autism. I am not sure if she has yeast or not. Do I need to go for some medical test to make sure she has yeast. I am not sure if I should try enhansa. Does it have any side effects. What dosage is recommended if it is safe to use.

Brandon Jack said...

My 3 year old daughter has mild autism. She has never been tested for yeast. Do we need to go for some medical tests. Is it ok to try enhansa without any medical tests. If yes how much dosage and for how long should we try if we dont see any results.

Renee said...

Enhansa is a great anti-funal, anti-viral, and anti-oxidant... but, you really do want to work with a doctor who knows it. When you go after yeast, you can get die-off.

Die-off is what happens when the yeast die, and release toxins into the body. It's a good sign that the yeast is going, but it can be uncomfortable, and last for up to two weeks.

I think it's worth the discomfort, but you need to be prepared for it, and I really do recommend working with a doctor or nutritionist who knows how to treat our kids. I'm just a parent who has been doing this a while, and every kid is different.

Congrats on trying to help your daughter. She is at an age that her brain is still really plastic, and your efforts can really pay off!

Unknown said...

We have started our 4 year old on E in Dec at 75 mg x 2 day for a month and he did well. We did not see such WOW effects as some of you but we saw enough to stay on it. We then went up to 300 mg per day on month 2 and he turned into a bear! Hitting, punching, class clown - OMG! The doctor took him off E completely and we are to restart in 2-3 weeks at the original low dose. Do you think we saw die-offs? But why did they come almost 2 months into it, and 2 weeks after upping the dose? Thank you!

Renee said...

Lena, I'm not a doctor so I can't really say what's going on with your kid. What we did see with Michael was that when we got to a dose where the Enhansa was stronger than the yeast, then we had die off. Up until that point I think we were seeing gains just from the antioxident properties.

When the yeast was finally gone, that's when the big healing started. We did go through a low of die off, and activated charcoal was a wonderful thing. But, your doctor would be the best one to advise you on how to proceed!