Wednesday, September 2, 2009

09-09-09 is How Much Longer for Autism Day

Dear Think Autism Friends;

In the past decade, we've asked for government aid, insurance coverage, and meaningful research for our children with autism. We've asked for the abuse in schools to stop, for vaccines to be held to higher safety standards, and for our children to be treated for their medical issues. Most of all, we've asked for autism to be declared a national health crisis.

We've asked for these things politely, impolitely, loudly, softly, creatively, professionally, in small numbers and in large...we’ve asked and we’ve asked again. But as it stands today, we have more cases of abuse, wandering-related deaths, seizure-related deaths, bankruptcies and divorce in our community than ever before.

With the fatigue that comes from constant uphill battles, along with a gross lack of resources, we live in a permanent state of asking one question: How Much Longer? How much longer will we continue to see the numbers climb? And our children die? And research funding go to the wrong places? And our children be abused? And health agencies avoid the real issues? Really, how much longer can this crisis continue before we turn a corner? When it’s 1 in 75 kids? 1 in 50? 1 in 25? Do we really want it to get that point? Tired or not, we have to kick it up a notch.

So our plea to you is this: take two minutes out of your day on 09-09-09 to join our How Much Longer For Autism campaign – a mass mailing/faxing/calling campaign done through NAA’s easy web-based advocacy software. It costs nothing, and could finally create the awareness we need.

Will you help? Say yes only if you don’t mind a little controversy. This campaign isn’t warm and fuzzy and it’s far from polite. It’s edgy, sarcastic and harsh at times, but when you live day to day seeing an increasing number of children suffer from vulgar abuse, impossible challenges, even death, you tend to put graceful asks aside for a message that people might actually notice.

Will you help spread awareness? Take a stand for a healthier future? Raise your voice for civil rights and an end to abuse? Then please visit: and get ready to join us on 09-09-09!

For more information and to preview our 09-09-09 messages, visit

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