Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Daiya has made my day!!!!

Tonight we gave Michael a grilled cheese sandwhich. He hasn't been able to have one since we went gluten/casein/soy free. He normally doesn't care much about food, but tonight he actually asked if he could have another sandwhich. I don't know if my heart broke more that it took so long to find a 'cheese' he could eat, or that he was so happy.

I never thought it would be so hard to find a cheese like product that didn't have soy/dairy/wheat, etc and actually melted and tasted good. But, finally, we have one and the house is happy. Now, please don't let the grocery store ever run out!!!

Here is a link to their website - you can see if there are any ingredients I overlooked, or if they have it near you. I am one happy mommy!!!


tiffrutherf said...

ehere can i find this?

Renee said...

On their website, they have a listing by state. I think Whole Foods is the only national chain. What state are you in?