Thursday, January 21, 2010

Please, vote!!!!!!

It's been a while since I've posted.. so far, this is an exciting, productive year for our family. Michael is doing amazingly well, I'm actually getting some projects done around that house that we've been putting off for years.. and I think we're just generally happy and content. So, what am I begging for?

Chase Community Giving is donating $5,000,000 to charities around the country. But, you have to vote on facebook for the recipients. It is so easy and quick to do.

Why vote for National Autism Association? They spread the word about hope. They have programs to help families in hard times. They have programs to help keep kids from wandering. They are one of my top five autism organizations.

So, if you have a facebook account, please, please, please go to and cast your vote for the National Autism Association Inc.



tiffrutherf said...

I dont have a account is there any other way we can vote?

Renee said...

Sorry, I didn't see this for some reason. Voting was only on facebook, and it's over now. NAA didn't win the top money, but did get a nice donation. I know it will definitely help a lot of kids!