Monday, May 10, 2010

Autism Healing and Hope - the MOVIE!

We are either totally insane, or extremely inspired. Steve and I have decided to make a documentary for parents of newly diagnosed kids. We started filming at the DAN! conference and hope to continue at Autism One later this month. One of the things that hurts the most is when a parent tells me that their doctor thinks autism is hopeless and that treatments are a sham, not to waste their time or money.

We have seen with our own eyes the difference that treatment can make in our son. Not every treatment works for every child, but there is a lot of scientific evidence that there are things you can do to help your child. Even if the "only" results you see are better sleeping or less tantruming, who among us whouldn't love that?

So, we are interviewing top doctors and therapists to briefly describe what treatments are available, and which kids they have the best results with. If you have any ideas for someone perfect to interview, please send a comment. If you want more information about the movie, please look here.

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