Saturday, July 25, 2009

Confirmation that Biomed Works!

Michael has been having so much fun in camp this year. It's the same camp that he went to last summer, so he knew what to expect, and the staff knew him. Yesterday, when we went to pick him up, I had a chance to talk with the camp director a little. She said that for the first week of camp, she and the assistant director kept wondering if Michael was the same child they had last summer!

He is particpating in the activities this year, talking to them so much more, and generally fitting in with the rest of the camp. Last year, all he wanted to do was hang out in the hallway and open/close locker doors. I am so happy for little kid!

The very best part is that it really confirms for us that all the effort we are putting into biomedical interventions really is working. Talking with Michelle really reinforced that for me. She said that they expect to see a certain degree of growth in kids from summer to summer, but that Michael really exceeded that. The best news of the week!

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