Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Beginnings

I really apologize (again) for being gone for so long. Things here have been really hectic, but they are finally calming down. We have a million new things going on, so a new beginning to the blog seems to be in order.

Michael has been going to summer camp for 3 weeks now. He absolutely loves it. It’s a therapeutic day camp with a 4:1 camper to staff ratio. I couldn’t ask for a better camp, counselors, or activities. They go to a new place 3 days a week, and go swimming twice a week. Every day there is something for him to look forward to.

The change we have seen in Michael since school ended is remarkable. During the school year, he had pretty much stopped reading at home, and had terrible headaches 3 or more times a week. The first day of summer break, Michael started picking up books and reading again. He will even read out loud to me now. I am shocked and thrilled. The best thing though, is that he hasn’t been getting headaches. I think he was getting them from eye strain, trying to focus for such long periods of time at school. Without the stress and headaches, he is a happy, relaxed kid. And, I’m a happy, relaxed mom!

One of the other new things we have started this summer is HANDLE. It is a wonderful, intuitive program that really makes sense for us. Michael enjoys the activities, and he seems to be growing every day. I’ll have to write up a whole HANDLE post when I have more time. But, so far, it’s been a fantastic summer!

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