Saturday, November 21, 2009

How does time get away from me?

It seems like the last couple weeks have just flown by. Part of it is that Steve and I took a mini-vacation for a couple days, part of it is that we're just really busy trying to keep everything together. But, hopefully, things are looking up.

Michael has been doing amazingly well. Many kids get angry with their parents when they come back from time away. Michael was so happy to see us, wanted to be hugged and kissed right away, and even asked us how our trip was. I was so shocked by the question and happy with the hugs! He was great for Dan while we were gone, and even did well in school. I guess he really is getting much more flexible.

We are keeping up with HANDLE, cranio, enhansa, and isotonix. I really think the combination, along with other general nutritional support is just helping Michael get stronger and stronger. And, taller and taller. Tonight I have to see how tall he is. It seems like he grew at least an inch while we were gone!

Today I am hoping to reclaim the kitchen, and maybe I can get a helper.. wish me luck!

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