Monday, November 30, 2009

What an awesome holiday weekend!

I managed to badly sprain my back just in time for Thanksgiving. So, I haven't been able to move much, and have been a tiny bit grumpy. I was worried how Michael would handle things, and have been very, very impressed.

Saturday the three of us went to cranio. Steve had an appt first, so Michael and I had an hour to kill in the waiting room. I was really worried he would act out and I wouldn't be able to keep him in the waiting room until his appointment. (In the past, my not feeling well was a great cue to take advantage) Not this time! Michael sat nicely on the couch and played with his Leapster and Twist n Shout math game. He even interacted with people as they came and went. Very, very impressed!

Sunday I asked Michael if he wanted to learn a new game with me. He actually let me teach him how to play dominoes, and picked it up incredibly quickly. But, what I love the most is how much of a good sport he is. He didn't try to manipulate the rules so he could win, and was genuinely happy for me when I won. I was so proud of him!

Overall he had a great holdiay. I know he missed school, and was anxious to go back this morning, but it was nice to just spend some time with him. I wish I had been feeling better to enjoy it more, but I definitely got the impression that he was looking out for me since he knew I wasn't feeling well. I know he still has a long road ahead of him, but each step seems to be getting more comfortable, and more confident!

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tiffrutherf said...

Good to hear! I love those "Good days"!