Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Starting Over!

OK, summer is quickly ending and it's time to start thinking about getting back into a routine. So, my new resolution is to get back to posting here. I miss sitting at the end of the day and reflecting on it. Some days are great, others not so great, but it's nice to keep track.

Today has been a mostly great day. We needed to take Michael for blood tests this morning. (I say 'we' in the most general sense of the word. Steve and Dan (my BIL) actually took Michael because they can only handle one traumatized person at a time.) Anyway, it has always taken at least two people to hold Michael still for the draw. Now that he's gotten so much bigger, it's pretty much impossible.

Today, Michael started out fussing and crying and then realized he just had to do it. He told the phlebotomist to 'take the blood out of my arm' and actually talked with her during the process! I couldn't believe it when Steve told me about it. But, it really sank in when I saw how proud Michael was.

Michael has struggled all summer with self control and behavior. It's nice to think that maybe he's finally making progress in holding it together and not melting down. Now, I'm sure that we still have tons of meltdowns ahead of us, but I am really taking this as a positive step.

Of course, after we got home Michael wanted to go ride elevators. It's his favorite treat in the world. And one that no one else likes. But, we had enough guilt that we took him to the mall and let him ride different elevators for over an hour. So, he was thrilled with that and still proud of himself for the rest of the day. I like good days!

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