Monday, October 4, 2010


Many years ago I was told that if we just got Michael's gut healed, he would be more willing to eat new foods. We started the diet and got out all the things he is allergic to over two years ago now. In the last couple weeks, I've noticed some startling things:

Michael is asking for new foods
He ate an almond butter and jelly sandwhich
He eats and LIKES broccoli and cauliflower
He nagged Steve to make him chocolate chip muffins

This is the child that never cared about food and hated to try anything new. Now, he's not exactly eating a full meal of new foods, but he's getting adventurous. He's actually mixing textures (daiya cheese sprinked on a burger!) and liking things.

I never thought this would happen. So, even if it takes a couple years, it IS possible for a picky eater to change!

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