Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Night Accidents and L-Theanine

L-Theanine has been a wonderful supplement to help Michael relax, and lessen his overall anxiety. However, I think we've found a rather unpleasant timing issue.

Michael has always done well keeping dry at night. However, he has had two 'accidents' in the last couple months. The first happened the first night we moved his L-Theanine to before bed. We made that change because it is supposed to help him sleep at night. Apparently, it helps him sleep way too soundly. Based on that, we moved it to after school so he could relax and sleep, but wake up if he needs to.

Yesterday, we got home late from his appt with Dr. Megson. He ended up having his 'after school' supplements after 6pm. We forgot about the L-Theanine issue. Last night we had another accident. So, there is definitely a one to one correlation.

I just wanted to write this out in case anyone else has any accident issues where L-Theanine might be the culprit. Overall, it's wonderful for him, but timing is essential!

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