Saturday, December 27, 2008

Best Christmas EVER!!!!!!!!!

As you know from my pre-Christmas posts, I was dreading the holidays this year. Michael has been so unpredictable lately; I was just convinced it would be terrible. Boy was I wrong! This has to be the very best Christmas ever.

We went to PA to visit my side of the family – my parents, brother, and aunt. Michael was genuinely happy to see everyone, and had absolutely wonderful behavior the whole time we were there. A couple grumps when he was hungry, but not one meltdown. I was so proud of him!

When it was time to open presents, I expected him to run and hide. Last year, he didn't want anything to do with unwrapping, and got very upset when anyone suggested opening his packages. We ended up unwrapping his presents when he was asleep and doling them out over a few weeks. This year, he helped pass out presents, and was excited when one had his name on it. He opened all his presents happily, and was really excited over several toys. It was wonderful to see him so gracious and fully engaged in the whole process.

We had a mini Christmas with Steve's family today, and it went equally well. He was really excited to hear that his 'other favorite family members' were coming over. He was bouncing all over the place while we opened presents, but he did manage to open his with the same amount of grace and fun as he did at my parents. The best part was he invited everyone into the family room, which is 'his' room. And, he asked if they could come back tomorrow. It's the most social I've ever seen him.

Oh! And an even better part. We gave his cousins little jelly belly ice cream cones. They looked and sounded just like maracas. Michael wanted to go downstairs and bring up his percussion box. He handed out different percussion instruments for everyone to play. He was actually happy to be sharing his 'toys'!!! And he didn't care that other people were playing with them and making noise. Then, he switched the instruments around and did it again. It was absolutely amazing.

One last thing – we've been working on cleaning up before bedtime forever. Tonight, he cleaned up all his toys when I reminded him. Then, completely on his own, he went and put his kitchen stool away and turned out the lights in the dining room. I was completely floored. I don't know what has gotten into him, but I couldn't be more thrilled.

Needless to say, I am crying with happiness as I type this. I'd write more, but I am having trouble seeing the screen.


Petra said...


Happy, happy, happy, happy for you all...

Anonymous said...

Wow! I swear I thought Rosanna was the only kid on the planet who hated gifts - it took us 4 months to get her to open her birthday gifts! Christmas was actually fine though (shrug) maybe she was encouraged by her 2 y.o. sister's excitement.

Renee said...

I think it's actually fairly common. Last year I think Michael believed Santa brought pretty boxes and if you unwrapped them you were breaking them. He understood so much more this year! It's so much more fun when he's excited and happy!