Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lend4Health Needs Loan Requests!

I woke up to some great news in my email this morning. One of the loans we had given through Lend4Health had been fully repaid. There was $25 sitting in my paypal account! I am so excited that our small loan was able to help one child, and that we can now recycle the money to help another child.

The only bad news is that there aren't any current loan requests. I talked with Tori a little bit this morning via email, and she said she would really like to see an influx of new loan applications. The more applications she gets, the more children can get loans.

So, if you are a parent who is struggling to pay for your child's biomedical treatments, or looking for a way to avoid high interest credit cards and/or creative financing, now is a perfect time to put in a request. Tori really wants people to know that Lend4Health is for everyone, not just those in desperate financial straights. For those of us who really do have to get creative to get our kids the treatment they need, or who have been putting treatments off until money becomes available, this is a great option.

From what I can tell, the process is very simple: just fill out the request on the website (you do not need to provide any financial information); Tori checks references; and she disperses the funds. Smaller loans ($500 or less) seem to get funded the fastest, but I have seen larger loans go through as well.

Also, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Lend4Health, I know Tori has a ton of ways you can help. This time of year, it always seems like a good idea!

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