Saturday, December 20, 2008

Great Day!

Today was a really, really good day. Michael tried really hard to amuse himself until 7:30, letting me sleep in a bit. The morning was pretty standard, with very little fussing. Once Steve had done the things he needed to do in the morning, he, Michael and Dan went out to the park to play and throw airplanes. It was cold, but Michael had a lot of fun, and great behavior!

While they were gone, I started cleaning the kitchen. It was a big job! When they got home, Michael played with Uncle Dan while Steve and I finished working in the kitchen. Of course, as soon as we finished, Michael wanted to make Christmas cookies. They turned out really well, and we all had a great time making them. I'll attach the recipe as a separate post.

I really like using the Tom Sawyer Gluten Free flour. It has a nice mix of flours, and doesn't leave an aftertaste. When we got to the cookie eating part of the evening, I tried really hard to tell the difference between these cookies and those made with wheat flour. I couldn't. I'm really sold of this flour!

So, I'm probably jinxing myself, but it really was a wonderful day!

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