Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another day down...

What a day! Some good (2 recipes actually worked today), some bad (Mom's in a lot of pain from the surgery, and they 'forgot' to give her the pain meds multiple times!), and some really ugly (the worst meltdown we've had in months). But, when I see him sleeping like such an angel.. it makes the whole day good.

I always heard that you get the endorphins after childbirth so you would bond with your child and be willing to have another. I'm just wondering if there are some autism endorphins that make all the work worthwhile, and all the pain melt away when he does something absolutely sweet, totally unprompted. How else do we go day after day after day?

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Unknown said...

I agree. :) It's hard to go on day after day, but then you see progress and it's all worthwhile. :)