Sunday, August 9, 2009

Michael's Getting nosy!

This is a very good thing. This morning my Aunt called me to chat. So, we were talking for a little bit while Michael was playing. As soon as I hung up the phone, he asked, "Well who was that, Mommy?" It was so nice. Normally he doesn't pay much attention to what I'm doing, and seldom calls me by name. Definitely a good thing!

It still fascinates me how Michael learns. He's been watching Sesame Street a lot lately. He has a binder full of episodes, and he picks and chooses which one he wants to watch. Then, he fast forwards until he gets to the part he wants, and just watches that part. For a while I thought he was just being a kid, but now I am realizing that he's learning from each of the parts he keeps playing.

The banana interview on Elmo's world led to him eating bananas, and banana bread, and even trying fried plantains. Another skit involved different kinds of bicyles. So, he decided that he wanted to ride his bike. It's strange to have a 7 year old watching sesame street, but if he's learning and happy, I'm very happy!

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