Monday, November 17, 2008

Bad Mommy, Happy Mommy!

I feel like the worst mother in the world, but I am also incredibly happy. The last couple weeks have been really rough for Michael. He's been emotionally fragile, aggressive, distant, weepy, you name it. The worst part was, we had no idea what started it all – until Friday. After another terrible day at school, Steve finally made the connection that all the behavior started a few days after we switched one of Michael's supplements from a clear liquid to a bright orange tablet. Yes, we should have known better. Of course we should have realized that the tablet had food coloring that Michael can't tolerate. We were so caught up in the allergy information, we totally missed the food coloring.

Saturday morning we switched him over to a 100% hypoallergenic capsule. We started seeing slow behavior improvements. Today, we have our sweet kid back. His teachers even commented on how hard he was trying to have good behavior at school! So, I feel like the crummiest mother possible for missing something that affected him so badly, and should have been so obvious. But, I am just grinning from ear to ear about having him 'back'!

I've been taking a food safety class in the evenings this month, so I haven't had as much time with Michael as I'd like. After hearing what went on while I was in school tonight, I want to drop the class and just be home more. But, I only have 2 classes left, so I think I can manage.

On the way home from his social skills group, Michael told Steve that he wanted to make cupcakes. In the past, he might help with one ingredient and pouring the batter. Tonight, Michael participated in every step: finding the recipe, gathering/measuring the ingredients, mixing the batter, and pouring it into the paper cups. He also supervised when Steve put the cupcakes in the oven, tested them, and took them out to cool. He was so proud of himself, and couldn't wait to taste his creation. When I came home tonight, he eagerly told me about making the cupcakes with Daddy and that they were 'delicious treats'. I couldn't be more proud!

The other amazing thing tonight was that he got a paper cut. Normally, he would get really upset over being hurt, but not let anyone do anything to help. Most times, he couldn't even express what had happened. Tonight he was sounding upset, so Steve asked what was wrong. He answered, "I have a paper cut." When Steve asked if he could see it, Michael said "No, I need a bandaid." Then, actually let Steve put a bandaid on. He wouldn't let Steve wash it, but didn't need to know that he had snuck some Neosporin onto the bandaid.

He was a little grumpy when it was finally time for bed, but I think he was just worn out from such a long, eventful day. I am so glad to have my Michael back. And I promised him I would be much more careful with any changes to his supplements!

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Anonymous said...

You are wrong. You are a WONDERFUL mommy!!! :-)

I love this post!