Friday, November 7, 2008

I am so glad it's Friday!! Michael had two days off from school this week, making for a very bored child. It's a gorgeous day here today, so Steve and Dan are going to take Michael to a park after school. Last week, they introduced him to throwing gliders and watching them fly across a field. It's just a guess, but I am sure he will be very excited to do it again this week.

My heart smiles every time I see him enjoy 'typical' kid games. It wasn't that long ago that he didn't have the coordination to throw a plane, or the eye tracking to watch it fly. Now, he laughs and giggles as he runs across the field, chasing them. He still gets tired a lot faster than the other kids, but he has helpers to chase when he needs a break.

Michael also starts another session of swimming lessons tomorrow. He goes to a local program geared toward kids on the spectrum, Sports Plus. The classes are designed to be somewhere between a fully adapted program and a standard swimming lesson. When he first started, Michael was afraid to get in the water without someone he knew. Now, he goes off happily with whoever is teaching. He's not quite swimming yet, but he can use a kick board and put his face in the water. Progress is good!

Other than that, I am looking forward to a calm weekend. I have a mountain of filing to do and the dust is taking over, but I am hoping to squeeze in some quiet cuddle time too!

One last thought. Do you know about the sensory friendly films? It's a project between AMC Entertainment and ASA. There are many locations around the country showing Madagascar 2 tomorrow at 10am. We can't go because of swimming, but it's a wonderful opportunity.


OK, I should have known better than to plan ahead. I got to school to find a child about to go into tantrum. It was so bad I had to call Steve to come get him into the car. So, now I'm scratched and bruised and just don't feel like being positive. Tomorrow will be a better day, right?

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