Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crazy days

What a crazy week. I seriously overscheduled this week, and now I'm paying for it. Plus, Steve and I are both dealing with a cold or allergies giving us a nasty cough and sore throat combination. Luckily, Michael is fine. It could be that the bug giving him asthma problems last week just finally found it's way to us.

We got Michael's report card yesterday, and he's actually doing pretty well academically. The only big problem is getting information out of him, verbally or in writing. Even when he knows the material, he just has a hard time pulling the answer out of his head in a way someone else can understand. Definitely something to work on.

Michael's behavior at school has been really terrible lately. To the point that his teacher wants to ask for an autism consult for behavior. It sounds scary, but it really just means she's going to ask an autism 'expert' from the county autism program to observe Michael and give some advice as to how to help him deal better in the classroom. He is just so afraid of everything that he would rather tantrum than attempt some of the activities - even activities that he's good at. We quickly gave permission for the consult, so hopefully it can happen soon.

Steve and I are going to go to a WrightsLaw Parent bootcamp tomorrow and Saturday to learn more about special education law. I am so excited, since they have such a great reputation. Even though we haven't had any problems with getting Michael the services and accommodations he needs, it can never hurt to have information.

Time to get back to today's challenges and hoping for calm.

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