Sunday, November 9, 2008

Free Domino Game, Today Only

I wanted to let anyone who reads this know about the GiveAway of the Day website. Every day they give away a computer program for free. On most weekends, they give away a game. This is how we've gotten most of our computer games. They don't give out the newest or slickest games, but the ones we have gotten are generally fun. They try to have a good variety, which means that not all games are appropriate for children, but some are. Always prescreen before letting your child play!

Today's game is Buku Dominoes. I was surprised at how quickly Michael picked up the game. The game automatically highlights all the pieces you can play, which makes it a lot easier for him. I was impressed that he was able to scan the play field and find where he could use the highlighted tiles. Scanning lots of information has always been difficult for him, so this game makes me really happy.

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