Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Minor Social Awareness

As Michael and Steve were driving away from the school yesterday, several people were standing outside the door to a nearby house. Michael said "They are visiting them." Steve thought it was really great that Michael was noticing what was going on and telling him about it, and getting the pronouns correct. But what I really liked was that he was talking about a social event. He could have talked about where the people were, or how many, but he chose to say they were visiting. I know it seems so small, but it is an awareness of social intent he's never shown before.

The other wonderful thing from yesterday was absolute bliss. Michael woke up before we did, and amused himself. He read some books, played in the hallway, even came in our room to use the bathroom. Never once did he try to wake me up. When my alarm went off, he started cleaning up the toys he had dragged into the hallway and then came over to talk to me. I was truly amazed. I don't know if it will ever be repeated, but it was definitely a good morning!

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