Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday, Fun and Games

Ever have a nice, quiet evening planned out, and then your child re-writes all yours plans? Normally, when Michael disrupts our plans, it's due to illness, a temper tantrum, overall clinginess, or general poor behavior. Tonight, I was planning on just staying home being quiet, knocking off a chunk of homework, and eating leftovers for dinner.

So, on the way home from school, Michael and I were talking about what he wanted to do when he got home. He's been on a Charlotte's Web kick, so I expected him to want to watch a movie and maybe read some books to the baby doll. He very clearly said, "I've had enough of movies. I NEED my Grandma." So much for my plans. Thankfully, Grandma lives close by and didn't have plans of her own.

So, Grandma came over and Michael has been playing pretty nicely. They read together, did some worksheets, and even played catch with his balance ball. Yes, the ball is as big as he is. Right now, they are swinging on the deck 'helping' Daddy grill some burgers for dinner. And, I get some quiet time to think, write, and reflect on how sometimes a change in plans is a wonderful thing.

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