Monday, October 27, 2008

Conference Summary

My brain is so full. After attending the DAN! conference in the spring, I thought I was prepared for the barrage of information at the Autism Expo last week. I was wrong. I guess when you hear a message several times, from several speakers, it starts to sink in. I'm finally making more connections between environmental triggers, mitochondrial damage, toxins, inflammation, and the body's ability to function. I never realized how interconnected everything is.

Before this conference I was relying on our team to guide us in the right direction regarding supplements, medication, and therapies. Now, I'm finally starting to understand how they all interact. I am so thankful that we've had such good experts to manage Michael's recovery! Every lecture further impressed on us the need to heal Michael's immune system and digestive tract, and to minimize further damage.

Coming out of the conference I am energized on several fronts. I really want to make sure that we keep Candida at bay. I've seen the terrible effects it has had on Michael, and I never want it back. We have a nutritional consult scheduled for this week, and I'm really looking forward to it. I am also trying to get through the Feast Without Yeast book. It sounds scary to implement, but if it's our only choice, that's what we will do.

I also want to investigate Cranial Sacral therapy. Until the lecture by Dr. Simkovich, I never understood how this therapy works. Now, I understand how the tiny movements in the cranial bones can affect the brain. Once you think about the interaction between the anatomy, the brain, and the spinal column, it starts to make sense. Now, to find a local practitioner with experience and results!

The more I hear about HBOT, the more I want to try it. Given the circumstances of Michael's birth (heart beat issues, oxygen, unplanned C-Section), I think there is a strong chance that it would help. Again, trying to find a local practitioner is next to impossible. Buying our own unit, or renting one, is so expensive. If you see a donate button pop up one of these days, you'll know why!

I'll probably have more to say over the next week or so, but for now I think I'll leave the conference summary here. Although, another good thing is that I think I'll be able to convince Steve to go with me again. And that's a wonderful thing!

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