Thursday, October 16, 2008

Total Exhaustion and Good Stuff

I can't even begin to express how exhausted I am right now. So, it's going to a quick entry tonight and then off to bed.

Michael has a Christmas book that he likes to read in the living room. He never talks about it, but it's one thing he does to get away from everyone and have some quiet time. I found out that he has been playing with a mish-mash of train toys downstairs, and one of the main characters is Santa driving a train. Apparently, he has quite the story he acts out. So, reading comprehension plus imaginary play equals one very happy mommy.

Other than that, school has been better this week with many more stars and many fewer meltdowns. He's still not eating and drinking enough during the day, but he's starting to make up for it at home. Definitely a good thing!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love to read stuff like this! :-)