Thursday, October 9, 2008

Slow and Steady...

We've been taking Michael to the same chiropractic practice for just about 3 years now. When we first started, we had an unpredictable child with a lot of sensory issues and a doctor who was skeptical that chiropractic could help at all. We were unable to watch the orientation video because Michael couldn't tolerate the sound of the television. Waiting for our turn wasn't too much of a problem because Michael liked to stim on some of the toys. He didn't play with them appropriately, but he was entertained. The initial evaluation showed a tightness on both sides way at the top of Michael's neck. The doctor agreed that it was definitely something we could work on, and we started out with a neck adjustment on each side, twice a week.

As time passed, we dropped down to once a week, every two weeks, and now once a month. We've tried to extend longer between visits, but so far, every four weeks seems just right. The doctor is able to do a few more adjustments, and Michael happily climbs up on the table for his treatment.

It hasn't always been this easy. There have been many, many times where Michael got bored in the waiting room, threw temper tantrums, and/or just didn't want to be there. But, we kept up the chiropractic, along with all the other biomedical interventions we've been doing. For a long time, as soon as we saw any kind of improvement, we had a corresponding decline in behavior. There were times I expected to be asked quietly to come back another day. But, the doctor and the staff have embraced Michael as he is. They've rejoiced with us over every milestone, and gritted their teeth through the worst behavior.

Having a month at a time snapshot really gives the doctor a good idea of Michael's progress. He's seen a slow and steady improvement in his chiropractic symptoms, as well as a decrease in negative behaviors. Through it all, the doctor has always talked to Michael, asked him questions, and treated him with respect. Today, he was shocked when Michael actually answered a question or two. Today was also the first time that he asked for our DAN! doctor's name. I think we've made an impression!

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