Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lend 4 Health

I've been meaning to write a post about Lend 4 Health for a while now, but was waiting to be closer to the IdeaBlob contest. So, I guess now is the time!

I love the basic premise: interest-free micro loans to people struggling to pay for biomedical treatments for their children with autism. You can loan as little as one dollar to help fund a child, or you can fund the whole treatment if you have the money. And, it's not a donation - it's a loan. The recipients will pay the money back over time. You can then take your money, or reinvest it in another child's treatment.

You often hear the phrase "Autism Community", and it's true that there are so many of us affected by autism in one way or another. There are many local support groups for parents. But, it's also true that helping your child with biomedical treatments can be incredibly lonely. There are internet based support groups, but very few people have access to anything local. What does this have to do with Lend 4 Health??

Lend 4 Health is building a biomed community that directly touches children's lives. It lets those of us who have extremely tight budgets help each other's children. It brings us all together to support all children 'doing' biomed, and their families. I love watching Tori's video because our family has made loans to several of the children featured. We feel that we are part of their recovery, in addition to our own son. That's a powerful feeling for families who often feel powerless.

So, please visit Lend 4 Health, look at the children who have been helped, nominate the next child, and just appreciate the community there. Then, please vote in the IdeaBlob contest, so Tori can expand this wonderful, effective program!

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