Monday, October 20, 2008

Last Dose of Diflucan

We gave Michael his last dose of diflucan today. It will be nice not having to deal with the sticky liquid stuff, but I am so worried that the yeast will come back. He's been such a different child since he's been on the medicine. We have really cut back on the yeast feeders in his diet, but haven't eliminated everything. I guess I'm going to have to keep a close eye on him the next few days/weeks and make sure the OCD, aggression, and other bad stuff doesn't come back.

They only sources of yeast feeders would be about 3 chocolate chips per cookie – the rest is sweetened with agave nectar, a slice or two of apple per day, and a few sips of chocolate DariFree once in a while. He does eat popcorn, which I've heard varying opinions on. Everything else he eats is sugarfree, carb free. It's such a battle to get him to eat new foods, I just can't bring myself to take away the few things he's left with.

But, I guess we'll find out what we need to do next as the next few weeks unfold. Cross your fingers for us?

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