Friday, October 17, 2008

Playground Fun

Is it selfish of me to regret the times I'm not able to see Michael doing wonderful things? Michael didn't have school today, so Steve took him to the adventure park to play. For the first time in ages, he played appropriately with the equipment, and explored all around the park.

The last few times we took him to this particular park, all he wanted to do was to play with the mulch. He was only willing to try a few pieces of equipment, very timidly. Today, he was running around, trying everything, and just being a kid. I'm sorry I wasn't there to see it all, but so happy they had such a good time.

I'm not sure where this new confidence is coming from, but it is wonderful to see. He is even getting braver about trying new games on the wii. When we first gave him the Outdoor Challenge game a week or so ago, he was only willing to try two games. He'd go back and forth between them, but get upset at the mere mention of a new game. Last night he tried at least four new games. He even went back to two of them!

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