Monday, October 6, 2008

Small miracles, Huge Smiles

This weekend we saw a minor miracle at our house: Michael pulled all the books out of his school 'book bag', dragged his baby doll over to a chair, and read every book in the bag to the baby. This is amazing in so many ways – he NEVER reads out loud. Some of the worst battles we ever had were trying to get him to read out loud while doing his 'headphone homework' between Tomatis loops. He doesn't have a lot of pretend play, but he was actually propping the baby up so he could see the book, and asking the baby questions. It was so adorable. Plus, he was reading with inflection, and clearly had favorite stories.

I know that none of this is remarkable for typical kids his age. But for him, and us, it is huge. I was sad to back up the bag of books and send them back to school this morning. But, when I told his teacher what he had done, she assured me there would be another bag coming home soon. Never did I imagine I'd be excited about getting homework!

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