Sunday, October 12, 2008

Houston, We Have Chocolate!

Today was a pretty ordinary day, with a couple really cool things:

Michael drank chocolate 'milk'!!! This is a child who drinks nothing but water. No juice, no soda, no milk substitutes. He drinks water, and only water. Today, he had gotten chilly after a long bath, and I asked him if he wanted something warm to drink. He actually said yes, so we made up a cup of chocolate Dari Free. I added some cool water so it was warm but not hot. After a few minutes of coaxing, he agreed to try a sip. Then he wanted another sip. Pretty soon the whole glass was on his desk. He actually ended up drinking about half a cup worth. I was shocked. Of course, now I am worrying that it would feed yeast. But, it also provides calories he desperately needs. For now, I'm calling it a huge win!

He made it through a 3 store shopping trip with no meltdowns, no long interludes watching automatic doors, and no major fussing. We had to work around some of his weaknesses, but overall the trip was hugely successful. I'm still in shock that we went out and came back with what we intended to buy.

Otherwise a quiet day, and I appreciate that!

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